Bitcoin Price Predictions and Analysis: Bitcoin Price Breakout!

February 26, 2024 12:32 pm

Bitcoin is the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market cap. It is the first, most famous, and most expensive cryptocurrency in the world. The uniqueness of BTC, its growth potential, and its ability to influence other cryptocurrencies are of great interest to retail investors and traders. The market cap of BTC hit $539,114,505,737, and other digital assets are directly dependent on the BTC price.

In this article, we will look at the history of this cryptocurrency, make a Bitcoin forecast for the future using technical analysis, and also consider the assessments of leading crypto analysts.

The article covers the following subjects:

Key Takeaways: Bitcoin price prediction 2023-2030

  • The BTC rate for today, 26.02.2024, is {BTC USD rate} USD.
  • The F&G level is 50, which shows the neutral position of cryptocurrency market participants.
  • In technical analysis, buy signals prevail.
  • Analysts’ opinion says the BTC price should be more than $40,000 by the end of 2023. Bitcoin 2023: the cryptocurrency should continue growing.
  • By the end of 2024, according to the median Bitcoin price prediction, by crypto experts, the BTC rate is expected at $54,823.72.
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Bitcoin Price Forecast for Today, the Coming Days and the Week

Bitcoin price prediction: Bitcoin price is now 51 186.01. Since October 2023, a new Bitcoin bullish trend has been going: the coin rate is growing rapidly. However, given the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market, the price fluctuations can change dramatically at any time. The Bitcoin news today prediction depends not only on the general state of the industry but also on global economic and political factors.

Weekly Elliott wave Bitcoin analysis as of 26.02.2024

The BTCUSD continues forming a global correction (4) as a bearish double zigzag W-X-Y. The first motive wave W must have completed as a double zigzag, and the linking wave X is unfolding as a simple zigzag [A]-[B]-[C]. Impulse [A] and correction [B] have finished. Impulse [C] is forming, with the final part developing inside. Let us explore the market situation in more detail in a shorter timeframe.

Following the completion of correction [B] within the linking wave X, the price has been rising in the [C] impulse. Four out of five legs have completed within the [C] wave, and the final impulse (5) is developing. Sub-waves 1-2-3 have finished within impulse (5). The price should be moving in sub-waves 4-5. Correction 4 should end as a triple zigzag at a level of 50477.00.

Weekly BTCUSD trading plan:

Sell 51580.60, TP 50477.00

BTCUSD Elliott wave analysis is presented by an independent analyst, Roman Onegin.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2023 by Crypto Experts

Since January 2023, the BTC rate has increased by 80%. What are Bitcoin predictions by the end of 2023? Let’s have a look at the Bitcoin prediction 2023 by professional cryptocurrency analysts.


According to the crypto 2023 prediction by Binance experts, the average price of a coin will consolidate at $27,980. The BTC/USD rate has already surpassed this level and has grown significantly. However, analysts are not willing to revise this Bitcoin price prediction 2023.


Analysts on the Changelly portal believe the average trading price of BTC will be $33,250.82 by the end of 2023.


The cryptocurrency forecast for the rest of the year is based on the bitcoin’s price history, considering the token volatility. The minimum price of the BTCUSD is expected to be $26,645.88, and the maximum will be $64,732.93.


The Coin Price Forecast portal gives a rather modest forecast. By the end of 2023, Bitcoin’s price should be at $29,260.


Bitcoin’s price could reach $41,989.31 by the end of 2023. The minimum price is expected to be around $33,591.44.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2024 by Crypto Experts

Most analysts, having analyzed Bitcoin prices, agree that the BTC bullish trend will continue throughout 2024.


The Binance crypto forecast suggests the digital coin price will be trading at $29,383.21, and no significant growth in Bitcoin’s price should be expected.


The price of BTC versus the US dollar will continue to rise. The minimum price will be $45,722.94, and the maximum will be $55,298.98. However, the high price is not expected to exceed $37,507.47 by the end of 2024, according to Bitcoin’s future predictions.


According to the BTC prediction offered by the Cryptonewsz portal, the BTC value will continue to grow and could reach $50,998.60 or even $77,898.96 by the end of the year. This is the most optimistic forecast among the expert community.


Coin Price Forecast predicts a Bitcoin’s price drop to $25,956. However, rapid growth is then expected.


The minimum price suggested by the expert BTC price prediction will be $55,985.74, and the maximum will be $69,982.18. The BTC price is expected to be less volatile, and Bitcoin’s price will continue to rise.

Bitcoin Price History

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency. The protocol was launched on January 3, 2009. However, for a long time,  the BTC was not particularly valuable as a payment means.

The first Bitcoin halving event took place in 2012. At that time, this event did not much affect Bitcoin’s price, but in 2013 the BTC was worth more than $22.

The BTCUSD rate was pressed down by the liquidation of the largest crypto exchange of that time, Mt.Gox. Many famous investors have begun to criticize digital currencies. Thus, Warren Buffett called BTC a mirage or a Bitcoin bubble. Many agreed with him. However, everything changed eight years after the launch of BTC.


April. Japanese authorities have passed a law on the legalization of crypto payments.

August. A fork took place, as a result of which, the Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency appeared — one of the Bitcoin alternatives with a limited block size.

December. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange has launched the BTC futures trading.

As a result of the above events, the BTCUSD rate has increased significantly. Trading in January contracts started at $20,600.


The first crypto winter. Quotes of digital assets had been falling for a long time. The reason was that regulators banned ICO (initial coin offering) and limited the operation of crypto exchanges. In some countries, such as China, digital assets were completely banned. Many blockchain technology projects were forced to close, and the BTCUSD fell below $3,700.


The third halving event happened on May 11. The token price slightly increased. In August, MicroStrategy made a serious investment in Bitcoin. Next, this company would become the largest investor in this cryptocurrency. In December, there was a scandal surrounding Ripple. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) accused the creators of the coin of illegally issuing securities in the form of XRP tokens. The case ended in favor of the SEC. This event seriously affected the entire crypto industry. 2020 also saw a DeFi boom, but at the end of the year, the cryptocurrency market collapsed amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


2021 saw many important events in the history of Bitcoin’s price. The most significant investment was from Tesla. In February, investments in the amount of $1.5 billion became known, which gave the coin significant weight. In May, China increased pressure on Bitcoin miners, and many of them moved to the USA. In September, the BTC cryptocurrency was recognized as an official means of payment in El Salvador. As a result, on November 10, Bitcoin’s price reached a new maximum of $68,789, and the capitalization of the crypto market exceeded $3 trillion for the first time.


The crisis occurred again, and the BTC rate dropped to $15,000. This was influenced by many factors. First, the Terra blockchain crashed, and then Tesla sold 75% of its bitcoins. A little later, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, FTX, went bankrupt. The SEC also continued to increase its pressure on cryptocurrencies.

 Bitcoin Technical Analysis

Cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile asset. For technical analysis, along with Bitcoin’s price action patterns, you can use many technical indicators for each timeframe. We will make a forecast using moving averages (SMA), RSI (Relative Strength Index), MACD, and fractals.

In the above chart, Bitcoin’s price is above the SMA level. The F&G level is in the area of 50. The RSI level is 56.52.

The Bill Williams indicator shows a positive trend.

Fractals have a U-shape, so we can assume that the BTC rate will rise in the near future despite the neutral indicators of the oscillators.

When making a BTC price prediction, you must also consider the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. It is important to update your forecasts regularly and also use various technical indicators in your analysis.


Bitcoin Forecast For Next Three Months

We shall employ the Ichimoku indicator in our Bitcoin price USD prediction.

In the above chart, you see that the Tenkan-sen line is above the Kijun-sen line. The Tenkan-sen line is directed upward, and the Kijun-sen line is horizontal. The cloud is descending, and the price of Bitcoin is within its limits. Chikou span is above the Bitcoin price chart.

The instrument didn’t go beyond the cloud, but there are signals that the situation may change in the medium term. In this case, our immediate target becomes the upper boundary of the cloud. If the price breaks through the upper boundary of the cloud and consolidates higher, then the price of Bitcoin will be rising rapidly in the future.

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Long-Term Bitcoin Technical Analysis and Forecast for 2023-2024

We analyze the D1 chart using the SMA and Bollinger Bands indicators.

It makes sense to use two indicators simultaneously to filter out false signals. In this case, we will also add Pivot Points to indicate support levels and resistance levels. Considering the indicators and trading volume, we will predict further price movements (taking into account the error). Below is the Bitcoin prediction for each month of 2024.

Month Average price
January 2024 $37010,61
February 2024 $39972,27
March 2024 $40257,92
April 2024 $41652,57
May 2024 $43834,23
June 2024 $45973,88
July 2024 $47538,53
August 2024 $48942,19
September 2024 $50195,84

Long-Term BTCUSD Trading Plan

It is quite difficult to make a long-term Bitcoin price prediction. First, It is important to decide on your goals. Do you want to make profits from speculating, or are you interested in long-term investing? Your future trading strategy will depend on this.

It is also important to take into account the volatility of Bitcoin cryptocurrency and assess potential risks, as cryptocurrencies are risky assets. Nonetheless, the past performance does not guarantee the same outcome in the future. It is also worth taking into account the news background. The crypto market largely depends on the decisions of large institutional investors, the actions of regulators, falling or rising interest rates of central banks, and other similar factors.

Be prepared for the fact that the digital currency exchange rate may change dramatically. Don’t panic. Assess the risks, study the analytics, and be flexible to change your goals for trading positions depending on the current conditions.

Long-Term Bitcoin Prediction for Five Years

Below, you can see the forecast for the BTC to US dollar exchange rate, including the average price, minimum and maximum prices. This is a consensus Bitcoin price prediction by the most reputable cryptocurrency analytical portals.

Year Minimum price Average price Maximum price
2024 $54808,86 $60289,75 $68511,08
2025 $82213,30 $87694,18 $95915,51
2026 $109617,73 $115098,62 $123319,95
2027 $137022,16 $142503,05 $150724,38
2028 $164426,59 $169907,48 $178128,81

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2025

The long-term Bitcoin price prediction or forecast for other cryptocurrencies is approximate — the market situation can change at any time. Let’s look at analysts’ Bitcoin price prediction 2025.


Binance analysts’ Bitcoin prediction 2025 suggests the price of Bitcoin in 2025 will be $30,852.37.


According to a BTC price prediction provided by Changelly, the minimum price of Bitcoin for 2025 will be $66,282.42, average price – $68,177.84, and maximum — $78,746.77.


Cryptonewsz analysts believe that the minimum price of Bitcoin in 2025 will reach $65,711.29 and the maximum will reach $100,372.19.


Coin Price Forecast experts predict a price of Bitcoin of about $31,583 by the middle of the year and about $37,268 in December 2025.


According to the portal’s BTC price prediction 2025, the average price of Bitcoin in 2025 will be $87,885.92.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2026-2029

Analysts have prepared a Bitcoin price prediction until 2029. The median gauge suggests the coin will steadily increase in price, as it will during 2023 – 2025.


Analysts do not give an accurate BTC price prediction by year for this period, but they give a BTC price prediction 2030 and suggest the price should rise from $32,394.99 in 2026 to $39,376.31.


Year Minimum price Average price Maximum price
2026 $93741,61 $97150,51 $112341,42
2027 $134935,02 $139792,55 $162968,88
2028 $203544,96 $209136,66 $236813,95
2029 $290475,66 $300932,49 $354324,03


Year Minimum price Maximum price
2026 $89906,77 $137330,12
2027 $110446,80 $168704,45
2028 $145265,69 $221889,36
2029 $192430,76 $293932,69


Coin Price Forecast provides rather moderate forecasts for the price of Bitcoin:

Year Minimum price Maximum price
2026 $39073 $39934
2027 $40226 $44249
2028 $40267 $37599
2029 $39850 $42609


The BTC price prediction by the analysts of the portal is below

Year Minimum price Average price Maximum price
2026 $109836,19 $115328,00 $123565,71
2027 $137295,24 $142787,04 $151024,76
2028 $164754,28 $170246,09 $178483,81
2029 $192213,33 $197705,14 $205942,85

Bitcoin price prediction 2030

Few expert platforms provide a forecast for Bitcoin price 2030. However, expectations vary greatly.


Analysts believe the price of Bitcoin will reach $39,376.31


Month Minimum price Average price Maximum price
January $302456,76 $313046,36 $367327,21
February $314408,81 $325130,13 $380294,95
March $326360,86 $337213,90 $393262,69
April $338312,91 $349297,66 $406230,43
May $350264,96 $361381,43 $419198,17
June $362217,01 $373465,20 $432165,91
July $374169,06 $385548,97 $445133,64
August $386121,11 $397632,74 $458101,38
September $398073,16 $409716,51 $471069,12
October $410025,21 $421800,27 $484036,86
November $421977,26 $433884,04 $497004,60
December $433929,31 $445967,81 $509972,34


Cryptonewsz suggests a minimum BTC price rise to $205,306.57, and the maximum price is about $313,600.14.


According to the portal’s BTC price prediction, by the middle of the year, the price will reach $45,348, and by the end of the year, it will rise to $48,069.


According to the BTC price prediction provided by experts, the minimum price in 2030 will be $219,932.05; the average price will be $225,430.35; the maximum BTC price is expected at $233,677.80.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2040

Quite a few expert sources provide the Bitcoin price prediction for 2040. Binance suggests a price of $64,139.86 by 2040. However, if you pay attention to other factors, such as halving and increasing mining energy costs, you can assume sustainable long-term growth.

Source: Arcane research.

Source: Arcane research.

The next halving will take place in 2040. As a result, the block reward will be only 0.195 Bitcoin, and the commission will reach 67%. That is, the reward for Bitcoin mining will be very small. Most analysts suggest a bullish Bitcoin outlook. The balance of circulating supply and demand will change, and by 2040, the price of a coin could rise to $2 million.

According to calculations by the Arcane research portal, network energy consumption will increase ten times and amount to 894 TWh. All this allows us to believe that the cost of BTC will grow rapidly from halving to halving.

Source: Arcane research.

Bitcoin price prediction 2050

It is now almost impossible to find out the Bitcoin price prediction for 2050 — analysts are not willing to provide such estimates. Bitcoin, as a pioneer among cryptocurrencies, has attracted the attention of not only crypto investors but also regulators. Considering the pressure the SEC and the Federal Reserve are putting on the crypto market, it is currently difficult to even imagine the Bitcoin future price or provide Bitcoin price predictions. If we ignore the influence of regulatory authorities and consider the scenario with a linear price increase from halving to halving, then the BTC rate can reach incredible levels. Only time will tell what the Bitcoin value will be in the distant future of Bitcoin.

How to Predict Bitcoin Price?

When making Bitcoin future predictions, you should consider numerous factors. The price of BTC is influenced by a huge number of factors. First of all, the actions of major players in the cryptocurrency, including the Bitcoin market, as well as the general state of the crypto industry. Also, the cost of the token depends on global events, such as a pandemic, and the actions of regulators. The main advice is to follow the news of the cryptocurrency industry and public statements of famous investors, for example, Elon Musk. It is also worth closely monitoring the state of the energy sector; mining is rather expensive.

Technical analysis, along with Bitcoin news prediction, is also important in BTC forecast, as well as fundamental factors. The BTCUSD is a highly volatile asset, and you must consider these risks in trading.

Is Bitcoin a Good Investment?

Regulators are putting pressure on the cryptocurrency market, as are economic fundamentals. BTC remains a highly volatile asset, so keep these risks in mind when making trading decisions. However, the BTC is a good investment. With considerable risks, it is still a relatively safe investment, and the potential profit is very high, so it is worth taking a closer look at BTC crypto and adding it to your investment portfolio.

Bitcoin Price Prediction FAQ

Price chart of BTCUSD in real time mode

The content of this article reflects the author’s opinion and does not necessarily reflect the official position of LiteFinance. The material published on this page is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as the provision of investment advice for the purposes of Directive 2004/39/EC.

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