Putin: We see Orban’s visit as an attempt to restore the dialogue

July 5, 2024 3:50 pm

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Victor Orban met with Putin today and now we get comments from the Russian President:

  • We are grateful for the visit to Moscow
  • Orban relayed to us the western point of view
  • Relations with the EU are at their lowest point
  • Orban called for ceasefire
  • Kyiv does not want to stop the war until it’s won
  • We discussed possible ways to end the conflict

I wonder if there is some growing angst about a Trump presidency in Europe. He’s pledged to end the war, though he hasn’t outlined a plan. The fear is that he will cut off Ukraine.

If there’s a disorderly collapse of Ukraining defense, it could mean a flood of refugees into Europe and an unstable situation. That could mean that the next few months offer an opportunity to freeze the conflict. Of course, Russia may also see which way the wind is blowing and try to press, though they could feel that Trump is unpredicitable.

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