Altria (MO) Stock Forecast for 2024, 2025-2026, and Beyond

June 11, 2024 1:31 pm

Altria Group, one of the leading US tobacco manufacturers and sellers, has faced struggles in recent years that have weighed on its stock price and investor outlook. While the company once dominated the tobacco industry, its shares have languished amid declining cigarette volumes and growing regulatory threats. 

As we look ahead to 2024, analysts have a cautiously optimistic view of Altria’s stock. In this analysis, we will look at the key factors that may boost Altria’s stock and the headwinds that could pull it down in 2024 and beyond as the company tries to stabilize revenues through non-combustible products while adapting to a rapidly evolving tobacco industry landscape.

The article covers the following subjects:

Highlights and Key Points: MO Stock Forecast 2024-2030

  • Altria Group’s future remains uncertain amid a continued decline in sales volumes and strict tobacco industry regulation. MO stock’s high dividend yield is attractive, but analysts are cautious about its growth potential.
  • Altria’s stock is currently at around $46.50; an average price target for 2024 is approximately $44-$48.
  • By the end of 2024, #MO shares may reach $90.
  • Long-term prospects for Altria Group (MO) reflect varied outlooks. Some experts predict a rate of $44-$45. Forecasts from Gov Capital are more optimistic: MO is expected to grow to $60 by 2027 and $265 by 2029.
  • As cigarette sales decline, Altria must stabilize revenues by expanding sales of heated tobacco systems, such as IQOS. However, menthol bans, high excise taxes on tobacco products, and legal risks limit long-term prospects.
  • Experts advise not to overestimate Altria Group’s growth potential given the current headwinds in the tobacco industry. Investors should be aware of regulatory and other risks despite attractive dividend yields.

MO Stock Price Today Coming Days and Week

When forecasting Altria’s stock for the near future, several key factors demand attention. Monitor regulatory developments regarding tobacco products, as changes in legislation can impact sales and profitability. Analyze quarterly earnings reports for insights into revenue, cigarette shipments, and market share. Keep abreast of consumer trends and attitudes towards smoking, including shifts towards alternative products like e-cigarettes. Pay attention to litigation risks and legal settlements related to health claims against the tobacco industry. Additionally, track macroeconomic indicators such as interest rates and disposable income levels, as they influence consumer spending on discretionary items like cigarettes.

A Brief Overview of Altria’s Shares

Altria Group, Inc. (previously named Philip Morris Companies) is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and sellers of tobacco, cigarettes, and related products. Altria is a parent company of Philip Morris USA, Philip Morris Capital Corporation, John Middleton Inc., Nat Sherman, Nu Mark, US Smokeless Tobacco Company Inc., and Chateau Ste. Michelle wine estates.

Its key operation segments are Smokeable Products, Smokeless Products and Wine. The Smokeable Products segment consists of cigarettes produced and sold by PM USA and large machine-made cigars and pipe tobacco manufactured and sold by Middleton. The smokeless products are produced and sold by or on behalf of USSTC and PM USA. The company is a producer of Washington State wines. Altria owns wineries and distributes wines from several other wine regions.

Check out some data on Altria’s stocks (New York Stock Exchange: MO):

  • Market cap: $79.44 billion;
  • Shares outstanding: 1.72 billion;
  • Public float: 1.71 billion;
  • Payout ratio: 75%-80% (based on last year’s estimates);
  • EPS: 4.78;
  • Dividend Yield: 8.63%;
  • 52-week range: 39.06 – 46.60;
  • Annual dividend: $3.92;
  • Three Year Dividend Growth: 5%-7%;
  • Average trading volume: 13.171 million shares.

The company was founded in 1919. It’s conveniently headquartered in Henrico County, Virginia. However, the firm has had only 5 stock splits. The first one took place on June 3, 1974; this was a 2:1 split. Altria’s 4th stock split was held on October 11, 1989, with a 4:1 ratio. The last split was on April 11, 1997 (3 stocks prorated to 1). Historically, when such industry giants as Altria Group hold stock splits, market capitalization before and after the event is stable, which means the stockholders get more shares. Still, each one is valued at a lower price.

Altria Stock Prediction for 2024: Analysts’ Recommendations 

Most analysts’ MO stock outlooks point to a modest 10-15% upside over the next 12 months. The average of significant price targets implies a year-end 2024 level of around $46 and a potential rise to $56. Possible catalysts for gains include stabilization of cigarette volumes, strong IQOS performance, dividend increases, and share repurchases.

However, regulatory risks, menthol bans, and ongoing cigarette volume declines could restrain the stock’s potential. Investors should consider these factors when making decisions, as they could negatively impact the value of #MO and the company’s long-term prospects.


Price range: $37,400 – $52,587 (as of June 10, 2024)

GovCapital expects a period of uncertainty for the #MO rate. The second half of the year will see a constant decline, with a major recovery in December.

Month Average, $ Low, $ High, $
July 44,127 37,508 50,746
August 45,113 38,346 51,880
September 45,218 38,435 52,000
October 44,694 37,990 51,399
November 44,000 37,400 50,600
December 45,728 38,868 52,587


Price range: $44.872 – $46.598 (as of June 10, 2024)

Analysts at WalletInvestor expect Altria’s stock to reach $46.029 by year-end, with a slight rate change projected.

Month Opening, $ Closing, $ Minimum, $ Maximum, $ Change
July 46.157 46.212 46.157 46.598 0.12 % ▲
August 46.140 45.873 45.690 46.142 -0.58 %▼
September 45.855 44.919 44.872 45.860 -2.08 %▼
October 44.954 45.908 44.932 46.047 2.08 % ▲
November 45.922 45.556 45.160 45.922 -0.8 %▼
December 45.748 46.029 45.748 46.327 0.61 % ▲


Price range: $36.50 – $56.00 (as of June 10, 2024)

Experts at StockAnalysis project the #MO price to hit $56 a share in the next 12 months. The average year-end price is expected to be around $45.28.

Year Minimum, $ Average price, $ Maximum, $
2024 36.5 45.28 56


Price range: $46.80 – $55.43 (as of June 10, 2024)

PandaForecast projects an optimistic scenario for #MO stockholders. Despite some fluctuations and declines throughout the year, the price is expected to rise 9.18 % by year-end.

Month Average price, $ Minimum, $ Maximum, $
July 47.97 46.80 49.39
August 50.19 48.12 52.33
September 50.82 48.23 51.61
October 50.79 48.41 53.24
November 51.85 50.62 54.29
December 53.09 50.34 55.43

Altria Group (MO) Stock Technical Analysis

It is important to choose the right tools and time frames when conducting a technical analysis of MO stocks.

First, it is recommended to use price charts on daily, weekly, and monthly time frames to get a comprehensive overview of price dynamics and identify long-term trends.

Next, pay attention to the moving averages. This tool determines a trend direction. Volume indicators can also help analyze market activity and confirm technical indicators’ signals.

Relative strength indicators (RSI) and MACD identify overbought/oversold areas and give a signal for opening and closing positions.

Choose your toolkit and time frames based on your investment goals and risk management rules.

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#MO Stock Forecast For Next Three Months

From 2011 to June 2017, the #MO price moved in an upward channel, growing by an impressive 186%. Then, a downtrend began, and the price dropped by 60% in March 2020. There was a rebound at $33, and a new bullish trend began. Quotes are currently in a downward range of $40-$56.

The price is projected to attempt a breakout of the channel’s upper limit. If this is the case, the first resistance line will be at $52 and then move to $56. Consider these factors when making investment decisions for the next few months.

Long-Term Altria GroupTechnical Analysis and Forecast for 2024

A long-term technical analysis of the MO stock for 2024 will be performed using the daily time frame and RSI, MACD, and EMA tools.

Currently, the support line is at $40, and the resistance — at around $46.

Historical data shows that the stock price has repeatedly tested the support zone and moved higher. However, there were also unsuccessful attempts to break above the resistance. The price is again in this area and will unlikely break above the resistance level without increasing trading volumes and positive news. However, if a breakout occurs, the next resistance will be $52.

The RSI’s current readings are at 67, potentially signaling decreasing buying pressure. However, both lines of the MACD indicator have crossed, pointing to a temporary trend reversal. Based on the indicator readings and historical support and resistance levels, we can predict price lows and highs for each month of 2024.

Month Altria Group Inc. (#MO) projected values
Minimum, $ Maximum, $
July 2024 44.81 45.25
August 2024 44.36 44.82
September 2024 43.53 44.53
October 2024 43.59 44.70
November 2024 43.81 44.57
December 2024 44.39 44.97

Long-term trading plan for Altria Group Inc. (#MO)

Let’s map out a trading plan for the next three months and beyond

Trading plan for the next three months

  • Buy Limit: $42;
  • Take Profit: $45;
  • Stop Loss: $38.

When making trading decisions, the important levels of the three-month range, $46 and $52, should be considered.

Trading plan for 2024

In long-term trading, consider longs if:  

  • the level of $40 is broken out;
  • the price rebounds from support of $35;
  • the price rebounds from support of $31;

It is also important to consider other fundamental factors when trading the MO stock: regulatory changes in the tobacco industry, Altria Group’s profit and loss figures, and alternative product market competition.

MO Stock price predictions for 2025

Altria Group (MO), one of the world’s largest tobacco companies, faces an uncertain outlook in the coming years as the tobacco industry grapples with declining cigarette volumes and a shifting regulatory landscape.

Analysts expect moderate growth of 9% by January 2025, with an average price projected at $47 and the highest price — at $56. A growing range of smoke-free products and increased cigarette sales could drive a stock price rise. However, regulatory actions, lawsuits, and declining sales could harm the stock rate.

Analysts do not expect MO to grow significantly in the coming years and doubt the company’s ability to adapt to changing market conditions. However, high dividends provide some investment stability.

Gov Capital

Price range: $39,854 – $130.968 (as of June 10, 2024)

GovCapital projects the stock price to reach $46,887 in January. Next, the rate is expected to grow to $48,195 by early February. In mid-year, the MO stock is projected to trade at around $87,144, hitting $89,772 by year-end.

Month Average, $ Low, $ High, $
January 46,887 39,854 53,920
February 48,195 40,966 55,424
March 49,331 41,931 56,730
April 50,346 42,794 57,897
May 51,481 43,759 59,203
June 75,241 63,955 86,528
July 87,144 74,072 100,215
August 88,148 74,926 101,371
September 87,933 74,743 101,123
October 88,020 74,817 101,223
November 87,997 74,797 101,197
December 89,772 76,306 103,238


Price range: $55.06 – $65.82 (as of June 10, 2024)

PandaForecast‘s outlook suggests a sustained sideways trajectory in 2025, with an average price ranging from $55.84 to 63.43.

Month Average price, $ Minimum, $ Maximum, $
January 55.84 55.06 56.62
February 57.48 56.47 59.41
March 57.64 56.59 59.54
April 58.00 55.73 60.77
May 58.65 57.50 61.94
June 57.42 55.69 59.91
July 61.36 58.66 63.60
August 59.86 56.55 62.79
September 61.83 58.45 64.99
October 62.91 61.41 65.82
November 60.75 59.05 62.45
December 63.43 62.37 64.45


Price range: $44.474 – $46.948 (as of June 10, 2024).

WalletInvestor forecasts moderate volatility for the MO stock in 2025, with shares trading in a narrow range. The price will reach a peak in April and gradually decline by mid-year. A slight fall is expected in August and September, and quotes will begin to recover by year-end. Analysts at WalletInvestor suggest investors remain cautiously optimistic.

Month Opening, $ Closing, $ Minimum, $ Maximum, $ Change
January 45.970 46.132 45.936 46.235 0.35 % ▲
February 46.080 46.607 45.993 46.607 1.13 % ▲
March 46.688 46.780 46.639 46.780 0.2 % ▲
April 46.818 46.399 46.399 46.948 -0.9 %▼
May 46.342 46.587 46.197 46.587 0.53 % ▲
June 46.562 45.718 45.658 46.564 -1.85 %▼
July 45.751 45.780 45.725 46.175 0.06 % ▲
August 45.783 45.448 45.279 45.783 -0.74 %▼
September 45.446 44.514 44.474 45.457 -2.09 %▼
October 44.484 45.548 44.482 45.635 2.34 % ▲
November 45.423 45.060 44.724 45.423 -0.81 %▼
December 45.246 45.567 45.246 45.909 0.71 % ▲

MO Stock price predictions for 2026

The overarching sentiment among market analysts about MO (Altria Group) stock in 2026 is positive, with expectations of an upward trajectory. 

One of the more bullish forecasts comes from Gov.Capital, which anticipates a rapid surge in MO stock and projects it to reach an impressive $150. This prediction is based on various factors, including market trends and the company’s strategic initiatives.

On the other hand, some experts share a more reserved yet optimistic view. These analysts expect the stock to rise steadily and predict a price of around $43 in 2026.

It’s important to consider the industry’s potential challenges, including regulatory changes and shifting consumer preferences. Thus, investors must thoroughly evaluate these factors before making investment decisions.

Gov Capital

Price range: $76,535 – $170,571 (as of June 10, 2024).

Analysts at GovCapital project a stable upward trajectory throughout 2026. The average price will reach a maximum of $148,323 in December. This upward trend reflects investor optimism and confidence in the company’s success. Thus, the forecast for 2026 indicates optimistic prospects for MO shares and favorable market conditions.

Month Average Price,$ Min Price, $ Max Price,$
January 90,041 76,535 103,547
February 91,429 77,715 105,144
March 92,540 78,659 106,421
April 93,029 79,075 106,983
May 94,825 80,601 109,048
June 128,688 109,3848 147,9912
July 146,143 124,221 168,064
August 146,616 124,624 168,608
September 146,920 124,882 168,958
October 146,706 124,700 168,712
November 146,526 124,547 168,505
December 148,323 126,074 170,571


Price range: $58.84 – $68.31 (as of June 10, 2024)

Experts at PandaForecast expect the flat trend to continue, with the stock price fluctuating between $58.84 – $68.31 in 2026.

Month Average price, $ Minimum, $ Maximum, $
January 61.48 59.15 64.36
February 62.25 61.38 64.52
March 62.77 61.06 64.66
April 62.64 59.53 65.84
May 62.86 61.06 63.74
June 60.71 58.84 61.68
July 64.83 62.51 66.73
August 63.56 60.84 66.81
September 65.43 64.10 68.31
October 64.78 62.56 65.78
November 64.38 62.66 67.53
December 62.03 58.91 65.51


Price range: $44.036 – $46.536 (as of June 10, 2024)

WalletInvestor‘s analysis of MO (Altria Group)’s stock for 2026 suggests an overall stable trend with minor rate fluctuations. This stability may indicate investor confidence in Altria Group’s business strategy and ability to maintain a strong market position. However, moderate volatility may also indicate a cautious investor approach due to potential regulatory changes and the state of the tobacco industry.

Month Opening, $ Closing, $ Minimum, $ Maximum, $ Change
January 45.529 45.734 45.529 45.805 0.45 % ▲
February 45.680 46.144 45.583 46.144 1 % ▲
March 46.236 46.373 46.226 46.373 0.3 % ▲
April 46.347 45.965 45.965 46.536 -0.83 %▼
May 45.981 46.164 45.788 46.164 0.39 % ▲
June 46.156 45.313 45.252 46.164 -1.86 %▼
July 45.282 45.424 45.276 45.766 0.31 % ▲
August 45.276 45.030 44.865 45.276 -0.54 %▼
September 45.046 44.046 44.046 45.046 -2.27 %▼
October 44.036 45.164 44.036 45.225 2.5 % ▲
November 45.059 44.745 44.300 45.059 -0.7 %▼
December 44.828 45.128 44.828 45.481 0.66 % ▲

Altria’s Price History: Timeline


Altria’s share price has struggled to regain the all-time high of $ set on . Significant spin-offs of Kraft Foods and Philip Morris International caused steep declines in 2008. Another attempt to peak in June 2017 at $77.78 quickly reversed as the FDA announced plans to explore reduced nicotine standards.

In 2018, MO stock plunged from $71 to below $50 as the company faced challenges expanding beyond traditional cigarettes, with weak performance of investments in JUUL e-cigarettes and cannabis producer Cronos.

The downward trend continued in 2019 despite a temporary surge when Altria reported higher quarterly revenues. But COVID-19 weighed on 2020 performance given risks it posed to the cigarette business.

In 2021, MO stock demonstrated resilience, breaching the $52 mark. However, analysts temper expectations for significant growth, acknowledging the sustained regulatory and competitive strains on Altria’s principal tobacco business.

As we move beyond historical data into the present, Altria’s capacity to pivot its business strategy and diversify its product offerings will be crucial in mitigating the impact of diminishing cigarette sales. 

The company’s navigation through stringent regulatory channels in 2022 was a testament to its adaptability despite its ongoing challenges. In 2022, while the company showed some adaptability to these pressures, it also encountered substantial obstacles that reflected deep-seated industry shifts.

The overarching question is whether Altria can effectively surmount the entrenched hurdles that have historically impeded growth. Analysts’ projections indicate that structural challenges within the tobacco industry will likely continue, suggesting that Altria’s future performance will heavily rely on its strategic response to these enduring trends.

Long-Term MO Stock Forecast for 2027 and Beyond

MO (Altria Group) stock forecasts for 2027 and beyond show mixed analyst estimates. Gov Capital projects an exceptionally bullish trend, anticipating the stock to reach around $193 by the end of 2027 and further escalating to $265 in January 2029. This prediction is potentially driven by Altria Group’s successful strategic initiatives, market expansion, and robust financial performance.

Contrastingly, WalletInvestor offers a more negative outlook, estimating the Altria stock price to trade at around $43 at the beginning of 2029. This forecast considers the typical market volatilities and the challenges inherent in the tobacco industry, such as regulatory shifts and declining demand.

The divergence in these predictions reflects the dynamic nature of the stock market, where different models and analyses can lead to varied conclusions.


GovCapital‘s outlook for MO (Altria Group)’s shares in 2027-2028 suggests an uptrend.

Year Average, $ Low, $ High, $
2027 193,173 164,197 222,149
2028 265,271 225,481 305,062


PandaForecast‘s outlook for 2027-2028 predicts a bearish trend. The average price is expected to sink from $60.7 to $60.16.

Year Average, $ Low, $ High, $
2027 60,717 58,733 62,935
2028 60,163 58,073 62,009


WalletInvestor‘s #MO forecast for 2027 and 2028 reflects a pessimistic outlook. Analysts forecast a period of stagnation, considering current market conditions, regulatory restrictions, and Altria’s strategic initiatives and innovations. The forecast also considers the volatility inherent in the tobacco industry. Thus, investors are advised to closely monitor Altria’s ability to adapt to market changes when making long-term investment decisions concerning #MO shares.

Year Average, $ Low, $ High, $
2027 45,026 44,717 45,336
2028 44,619 44,315 44,923

Major Factors That Affect The Altria Group, Inc. Share Price in 2024 & Beyond

Investors should keep a vigilant eye on factors influencing MO stock price to gauge the company’s future performance and develop a robust trading strategy. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  1. Regulatory Landscape. The tobacco industry, where Altria Group is a key player, faces stringent regulations. Upcoming legislative changes, particularly in areas of product approval and marketing, could significantly sway Altria’s share price.
  2. Market Dynamics. The evolving consumer preferences towards healthier lifestyles pose challenges for Altria. The company’s adaptability in expanding its portfolio to include non-tobacco products will be crucial. 
  3. Economic Factors. Altria’s performance is also tied to broader economic conditions. Factors like disposable income levels, taxation policies, and international trade agreements can influence the company’s profitability and thus, its stock price.
  4. Technological Innovations. Technology plays a pivotal role in shaping the tobacco industry. Altria’s investment in research and development, especially in the realm of alternative smoking technologies, could be a game-changer. Advancements in this area might offer new revenue streams, positively affecting the share price.

Conclusion: Are MO Stock a Good Investment?

In conclusion, the future of Altria Group (MO) stock presents a complex and multifaceted picture. On the one hand, Altria’s high dividend yield, exceeding 8%, remains a strong draw for income investors. However, the tobacco industry’s declining volumes and regulatory challenges cast a shadow over its long-term outlook. Analysts offer a cautious view for 2024, suggesting a price range of $46-$47. However, there are also optimistic long-term expectations among some analysts. Bold predictions suggest that MO’s stock price could soar to as high as $300, fueled by the company’s strategic shift towards non-combustible products like IQOS. This transition is critical as cigarette sales continue to decline.

The company’s future now depends heavily on navigating regulatory hurdles, such as potential menthol bans, heightened tobacco taxes, and managing litigation risks. Therefore, investors are advised to balance the allure of high dividends against the risks of regulatory changes and the company’s ability to evolve.

FAQs on #MO Stock Forecast

Price chart of MO in real time mode

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