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Live-Stream von MoneyMaker FX EA Trading Robot

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The NZDUSD reaches toward the Asian session low and lowest level since November 2023

The NZDUSD reaches toward the Asian session low and lowest level since November 2023

The NZDUSD has been trending to the downside since last week’s high near 0.6080. The low price today reached 0.5872. That is just above a swing area between 0.5851 and 0.58699.

Support buyers are leaning against the wing area. There is topside resistance near 0.5936 if the buyers can’t stay above the 0.58699 level down to 0.58512.

A move below 0.58512 would open the door toward the October low at 0.57723.

Find out the details of the technicals driving the NZDUSD pair by watching the above video.

This article was written by Greg Michalowski at

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Bitcoin Nears Depletion: Only Nine Months’ Supply Ahead of Halving

Bitcoin Nears Depletion: Only Nine Months’ Supply Ahead of Halving

Cryptocurrency exchanges are left with only nine
months’ worth of Bitcoin supply at current prices with only three days
left to Bitcoin halving. According to the latest analysis by Bybit, with just 2 million
bitcoins remaining and a daily inflow of $500 million to Bitcoin Spot ETFs,
approximately 7,142 bitcoins will exit exchange reserves daily.

Bitcoin’s Supply Hits Unprecedented Scarcity

The much-anticipated halving event, which reduces the
supply of Bitcoins by 50%, is expected to make Bitcoin more scarce. Bybit
highlighted the rapid rapid depletion of Bitcoin reserves across centralized
exchanges post-halving. This trend
indicates that it will take about nine months to exhaust all remaining

Ben Joe, the Co-Founder and CEO of Bybit, mentioned: “Each Bitcoin halving sharpens the narrative of Bitcoin as not just a
currency, but a scarce digital asset, akin to digital gold. This upcoming
halving in 2024 will thrust Bitcoin into an era of unprecedented scarcity,
making it twice as rare as gold.”

The report differentiated between Bitcoin and gold,
emphasizing Bitcoin’s increasing rarity post-halving. The Stock-to-Flow (S2F)
ratio, a measure of scarcity, is projected to double from 56 to 112 after the
upcoming halving, surpassing gold’s S2F ratio of 60.

Institutional Adoption of Bitcoin

This comparison solidifies Bitcoin’s status as a
scarce digital asset, positioning it as a viable alternative to traditional
safe havens like gold. Additionally, Bybit highlighted the adoption of
Bitcoin by institutional investors following the recent approval of spot
Bitcoin ETFs in the US.

This trend indicates that institutions have recognized
the importance of Bitcoin as a safe investment option. This has led to
heightened investment activity ahead of the halving event. The correlation between Bitcoin and other
cryptocurrencies remains strong, further cementing Bitcoin’s reputation as the
cryptocurrency with the lowest beta.

This article was written by Jared Kirui at

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Wise Increases Active User Base by 29% to 8 Million

Wise Increases Active User Base by 29% to 8 Million

In a
testament to the growing popularity of its financial platform, Wise has
reported another quarter of robust customer growth and financial performance.
The London-based payments company saw its active customer base surge to 7.9
million in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2024 (FY24), an increase of 29% compared to the same period last year.

Wise Reports Strong
Customer Growth and Financial Performance in Q4 FY24

financial performance was also strong, with income growing 36%
year-over-year (Y-o-Y) to £381.2 million in Q4 FY24. The company processed £30.6
billion in cross-border volume during the quarter, an uplift of 14% from the
previous year while maintaining a cross-border take rate of 67 basis points.

Although the previous quarter was extremely strong for Wise, the latest results have surpassed previous outcomes. Income increased by about £6 million, from the £375.1 million reported in mid-January.

company’s growth can be attributed to the increasing adoption of its cross-border
money transfers, the Wise card for international spending, the Assets feature
for earning returns, and local account details. Many of Wise’s personal and
business customers now use the platform for multiple purposes beyond cross-border transactions.

continued customer growth laps strong results and tells us that the investments
that we’re making are meeting real needs, giving me confidence that we’re
progressing well on our mission,” commented Kristo Käärmann, the Co-Founder and
Chief Executive Officer of Wise.

company’s other revenue streams, primarily the Wise card,
accounted for 26% of total revenue. Additionally, Wise account balances
increased 24% Y-o-Y to £13.3 billion, indicating growing customer
trust in the platform.

expects its financial performance to remain strong throughout FY24, with income
growth projected to exceed initial expectations of 42-44%. The company’s gross
profit margin and Adjusted EBITDA margins are further anticipated to benefit from
higher interest income and lower transactional costs.

New CFO and New

A month
ago, a notable shift occurred in Wise’s senior management with Emmanuel Thomassin’s appointment as the incoming Chief Financial Officer and
Director, effective from 1 October 2024. Thomassin will be taking over from
Matthew Briers, who resigned in May last year after approximately eight years
in the position. Until Thomassin assumes his role, Kingsley Kemish, the current
Senior Group Financial Director, will act as the interim CFO.

just a week ago, the company announced a strategic partnership with Nubank, a
prominent financial institution in Brazil. This alliance enhances
Nubank’s services by introducing a global account and an international debit

On top of that, Wise has made strides in its global expansion efforts, resuming business customer onboarding in most of Europe, obtaining a Type 1 Fund Provider license in Japan, and expanding its partnerships in Asia with Standard Chartered’s Mox in Hong Kong and Tiger Brokers in Singapore.

quarter, we resumed business customer onboarding across the vast majority of
Europe, and we continued to invest in our infrastructure and broaden our
offering across the world,” Käärmann added.

As Wise
continues to invest in its infrastructure and expand its offerings worldwide,
the company appears well-positioned to maintain its growth and strengthen its
position in the global financial services sector.

This article was written by Damian Chmiel at

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USDJPY tumbles but quickly rebounds

USDJPY tumbles but quickly rebounds

The USDJPY hit a downside air pocket after reaching another new high going back to 1990 at 154.76. That is getting close to what people think is a level that the Bank of Japan might look to intervene at 155.00.

Anyway the market quickly fell to a low of 153.896 but has since bounced back up toward 154.40.

Technically, the price low found support buyers near the 38.2% retracement of the last run to the upside (from the low price on Friday to the high price today). That 38.2% retracement came at 153.929.

In the morning kickstart video, I commented that with the USDJPY trading at the highest level since 1990, the sellers have to prove that they can take control. When benchmark target would be to get below the 38.2% -50% retracement of the last trend moved to the upside (see yellow area on the chart above).

This article was written by Greg Michalowski at

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ECB Pres. Lagarde: We will cut rates soon, barring any major surprises

ECB Pres. Lagarde: We will cut rates soon, barring any major surprises

ECB Pres. Lagarde speaking on CNBC says:

  • We will cut rates soon, barring any major surprises.
  • Geopolitical events impact on commodity prices not very significant so far.
  • We are observing a disinflationary process that is moving according to our expectations.
  • Subject to no development of additional shock, it will be time to moderate restrictive monetary policy in reasonably short order
  • We are not pre-committing to a path of rate cuts
  • There is still huge uncertainty out there.
  • ECB must be cautious and must look at the data to confirm our perspective.
  • Declines to comment on market pricing for three rate cuts in 2024.
  • We believe that rates are restrictive enough and they are producing an effect on inflation.
  • April and May will be a key confidence on inflation.
  • The path to 2% inflation will be bumpy. The rate decline is not linear.
  • We expect inflation to fluctuate around the line that is currently going lower.
  • What is most different between the US and EU is the behavior of the consumer
  • EU consumers are very cautious and continue to save.
  • The American consumer consumes and the level of savings is less than EU.
  • Fiscal policy was significantly higher in the US and targeted toward the consumers.
  • We are data dependent, we are not Fed dependent.
  • We have to attentive to exchange rates and the value of the currency.
  • Lagarde refuses to comment on whether the EURUSD goes to parity is a good thing or a bad thing.
  • We will be single-mindedly be focused of price stability and 2% target.

The interview is over… The EURUSD moved down to the midpoint of the day’s trading range at 1.0627, but has found support buyers near that midpoint level. The high for the day reach 1.0653. The low was at 1.06016.

This article was written by Greg Michalowski at

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